Here at West Coast Homespun, we’re learning to live gently with the land, water, and peoples, through deliberate degrowth and abundant living. This blog is the story of our adventures. We’re not experts by any means, which means that we have lots to learn and are happy to share. Hopefully we can help to inspire you, too: to dive in to degrowth, to disengage from thoughtless commercialism, and to recognize the ways in which we can all thrive in a healthier, more intentional, inclusive and delightful world.

Also, homemade pickles. Seriously now, have you tasted these? They’re epic! 😀

Check out our Stories page and sub-categories for the latest goings-on. I’m studying at a local university while working full-time, for which I’m very grateful, but it also means that new stories will be posted at random intervals. Click the Follow button(s) to receive new posts by email, or visit us every once in a while – you’re always welcome.

Let’s all lean in to reciprocal relationships, live with the land and water, and help to heal the soil. Between university courses, I bury myself gloriously in permaculture texts (and dirt!) and am learning to translate that hypothetical knowledge from my permaculture design certification to practical, hands-in-the-earth skills. For now, the worm bins are full of clippings from the balcony garden, the community garden plot is a jungle of delicious food and flowers, and the cupboard is full of homemade crackers, cider, and radish-pod pesto.

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