Harvesting sea salt at home

I made sea salt! Well okay, you're right, Nature made sea salt ...but I totally helped, and now I have a plate of perfect, locally wild-harvested, salt in my kitchen. Check it out! I was reading Harvesting Sea Salt - The Canadian Way, from BC Farms and Food, about nearby small companies that are harvesting... Continue Reading →

Salvaging composty fruit

Mmmm, composty fruit. 😉 Once a week for a couple of months this summer, I joined LifeCycles to sort fruit. I felt über-rich with my weekly haul of composty fruit! I know, "composty" and "fruit" don't sound especially appetizing together, but let me tell you about it and I think you'll agree the end products... Continue Reading →

Spelt and Slow Living

Know what I’m doing tonight? De-hulling spelt, one seed pod at a time. It’s beautiful, calming, and totally inefficient. Glorious. Spelt seed heads from my little community garden plot I have no idea what's been grown in my little community plot before I arrived this year, but rumour has it that spelt will help heal... Continue Reading →

Mmm, bone broth

For most of my life, I was a vegetarian. I fully enjoyed it, felt comfortable and healthy, and I recommend it to anyone who’s interested. However, things happened and meat is part of my life for the moment. Thankfully, we live just up the street from a butcher (Carnivore Meats) who sells only locally-raised, free-range,... Continue Reading →

First-ever Sauerkraut!

Sauerkraut waltzed into my life years ago, when we were living on Tancook Island, Nova Scotia. The good people of Tancook have generations of expertise and wowza, do they make a heck of a sauerkraut. It's so good, in fact, that companies advertise Tancook-style kraut! Anyhow - I had never made it myself before now.... Continue Reading →

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