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Harvesting sea salt at home

I made sea salt! Well okay, you’re right, Nature made sea salt …but I totally helped, and now I have a plate of perfect, locally wild-harvested, salt in my kitchen. Check it out! I was reading Harvesting Sea Salt – The Canadian Way, from… Continue Reading “Harvesting sea salt at home”

Salvaging composty fruit

Mmmm, composty fruit. 😉 Once a week for a couple of months this summer, I joined LifeCycles to sort fruit. I felt über-rich with my weekly haul of composty fruit! I know, “composty” and “fruit” don’t sound especially appetizing together, but let me tell… Continue Reading “Salvaging composty fruit”

Spelt and Slow Living

I have no idea what’s been grown in my little community plot before I arrived this year, but rumour has it that spelt will help heal poor soils so I planted a little strip in the north-west corner. I didn’t know what to expect,… Continue Reading “Spelt and Slow Living”

Mmm, bone broth

For most of my life, I was a vegetarian. I fully enjoyed it, felt comfortable and healthy, and I recommend it to anyone who’s interested. However, things happened and meat is part of my life for the moment. Thankfully, we live just up the… Continue Reading “Mmm, bone broth”

Why yes, that is six bottles of homemade liquid soap

Okay so, COVID’s a thing, and we’ve all embraced this thorough handwashing habit. I myself am perfectly comfortable with bar soap (handmade by me, of course) but my partner is more a fan of the liquid soap. This, my friends, is all the excuse… Continue Reading “Why yes, that is six bottles of homemade liquid soap”

The Majestic E-Bike Trailer

I bought a bicycle trailer! Let me tell you all about this majestic addition to the urban homestead. Here we are on the trial run this morning, with a light test load: Let’s be honest: I’ve done well enough over the years carrying silly… Continue Reading “The Majestic E-Bike Trailer”

Deliberate degrowth

I’ve just finished reading Degrowth in the Suburbs, by Samuel Alexander and Brendan Gleeson. It was captivating, eminently well-timed with this COVID19 situation, and an affirmation that my efforts to make, mend, grow, and choose to make do, are not only worthwhile but rational… Continue Reading “Deliberate degrowth”