Harvesting sea salt at home

I made sea salt! Well okay, you're right, Nature made sea salt ...but I totally helped, and now I have a plate of perfect, locally wild-harvested, salt in my kitchen. Check it out! I was reading Harvesting Sea Salt - The Canadian Way, from BC Farms and Food, about nearby small companies that are harvesting... Continue Reading →

Salvaging composty fruit

Mmmm, composty fruit. 😉 Once a week for a couple of months this summer, I joined LifeCycles to sort fruit. I felt über-rich with my weekly haul of composty fruit! I know, "composty" and "fruit" don't sound especially appetizing together, but let me tell you about it and I think you'll agree the end products... Continue Reading →

Spelt and Slow Living

Know what I’m doing tonight? De-hulling spelt, one seed pod at a time. It’s beautiful, calming, and totally inefficient. Glorious. Spelt seed heads from my little community garden plot I have no idea what's been grown in my little community plot before I arrived this year, but rumour has it that spelt will help heal... Continue Reading →

Mmm, bone broth

For most of my life, I was a vegetarian. I fully enjoyed it, felt comfortable and healthy, and I recommend it to anyone who’s interested. However, things happened and meat is part of my life for the moment. Thankfully, we live just up the street from a butcher (Carnivore Meats) who sells only locally-raised, free-range,... Continue Reading →

The Majestic E-Bike Trailer

I bought a bicycle trailer! Let me tell you all about this majestic addition to the urban homestead. Here we are on the trial run this morning, with a light test load: Let's be honest: I've done well enough over the years carrying silly things (small appliances, rugs) on my motorcycle and more sensible things... Continue Reading →

Deliberate degrowth

I’ve just finished reading Degrowth in the Suburbs, by Samuel Alexander and Brendan Gleeson. It was captivating, eminently well-timed with this COVID19 situation, and an affirmation that my efforts to make, mend, grow, and choose to make do, are not only worthwhile but rational choices in an energy-crazy world. Have you heard the terms “peak... Continue Reading →

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