Urban homesteading and abundant living
Learning to live gently with the land, water, and peoples.

Make it, mend it, grow it, create it, ferment it, enjoy it!

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Wool crafts

Wool crafts: carding, spinning, knitting, weaving

Fermentation festival: vegetables, cider, mead, kombucha, ancient grains sourdough

Small-space gardening: balcony food jungle, mushroom farm under the desk, community garden plot, vermicomposting

Wild harvesting: berries, nuts, mushrooms, fruit, sea salt

Home crafts: soapmaking, mending, sewing, creating

Photos coming soon

Painting: exploring and celebrating beauty through colour and light

Permaculture and degrowth: design, resources, adventures, stories; ecological restoration; fruitful plant guilds; deliberate degrowth

Photos coming soon

Handmade soap

Shop West Coast Homespun
Etsy marketplace

The shop is temporarily closed: we sold out! It’s been a busy year, but we’ll be up and running again when time allows.

  • Handwoven shawls, scarves, and ruanas from ethically-source yarns
  • Handmade soaps from organic and fair-trade ingredients
  • Handspun yarn from local wool, from gently-raised animals
  • Original paintings

Contact us for custom orders: diane@westcoasthomespun.ca